Confused about color?  What color to put where, what hue, how it all works?  I can offer guidance on how color works in your home.  How to make the best choice based on the overall feeling that your are looking for, for example cozy, calm or energetic or inspirational. And what would look best with the style you are trying to achieve.  This is for a one hour in home consultation where I will gather information then head to my design studio where I will choose some great options for what you are trying to achieve.


Planning on putting your home up for sale while you are still in residence?  This can be tricky as it is really important to pare down your personal items and optimize your space in the best way possible.  I can lend a fresh eye while advising on paint colors, rearranging of space and just right accessorizing.  The visual impact is everything.  If potential customers can't see past your things, this could be a problem.  Choose Home Staging from above products.


Confused about the best way to utilize your space?  Sometimes, even a small change can make a huge difference to a troublesome area.  Whether you want to make some smaller changes, have a troublesome space or are starting from scratch with a brand new home, I can create some floor plan options that will fit your needs. Every room has unlimited potential, let me know what is important to you and we can find some great solutions. This will include a 1 hour home visit to assess the situation and take measurements I will then present you with some floor plan options and ideas to suit your needs.  Purchase Space Planning from above services.

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Let's face it navigating home furnishings today can be quite confusing.  You might take a trip to Homegoods and like everything you see, coming home with quite a few things that just don't fit and creating more confusion.  I can help you to define your own personal style more fully ensuring that you don't get led astray by the ever present Wayfair ads flashing across your screen.  You will see how much fun it can be to stay in keeping with your own style leading to a more organized statement making space.  I do a bit of detective work and look at things like personal wardrobe and what you already love, artwork that draws you etc. Choose Find Your Personal Style from the above services and fill out the info. This includes a home visit and a style mood board optimum places for you to shop and what to look for.

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